5 Common Mistakes in Personal-Injury Claims

Accident injuries are traumatic enough, and the last thought on your mind is likely the formalities associated with personal-injury claims. However, you must take crucial steps to ensure your claim is valid and successful. More important, you must avoid common mistakes that most people make when pursuing compensation for personal injuries.

A simple mistake can cost you your claim, and you may receive no financial compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages or emotional distress. Eric H. Woods Law Offices can guide and protect you throughout the legal process.

Call 702-737-0000 to schedule a free consultation with a personal-injury lawyer in Las Vegas. In the meantime, avoid the following five common mistakes:

  1. Not Calling the Police

If you are involved in a vehicle accident, you must call the police immediately after checking your injuries. The Criminal Justice System reminds readers that involving the police will prompt them to conduct a formal investigation into the accident.

You will need the results of the investigation to prove fault in your personal-injury case. Without the citation of a police officer, you will face difficulty trying to prove your claim.

  1. Forgetting about Witnesses

It is imperative that you gather the contact details of all witnesses present at the scene of an accident, as Auto Insurance Center explains. They can corroborate your claim later and help prove the other driver’s liability. Before you leave the area, approach each witness and ask for his or her information because without the testimony of witnesses, insurance companies may deny the claim and refuse compensation.

  1. Giving Statements without Guidance

You could suffer serious repercussions if you give a recorded statement to the designated insurance adjuster without legal counsel. In a worst-case scenario, you could inadvertently admit fault or understate your injuries, which will reduce or eliminate any chance of receiving damages. Insurance companies train their adjusters to ask leading questions that could undermine your case’s value.

  1. Neglecting Property Damage

If you receive money from an insurance company to repair your car, do it immediately. While it may be tempting to spend the money on other items, if you neglect to fix your vehicle, the insurance adjuster may argue that the damage was not severe enough to warrant compensation for your claim. Additionally, the panel beater can corroborate your claim with a list of damages to your property.

  1. Unknowingly Signing Releases

Many injured accident victims make a crucial mistake at the beginning of the process by signing releases. In most cases, the person believes the release is for property damage when in fact he or she mistakenly signed a general release. You should never sign any document without consulting your personal-injury attorney because if you accidentally release your injury claim, you will not be able to file a lawsuit later.

While an accident is a confusing, scary and emotional time, it is imperative that you avoid these mistakes or could lose any claim to compensation. Eric H. Woods Law Offices specializes in accident claims.

To discuss the details of your case with a qualified personal-injury lawyer, call 702-737-0000. You deserve protection and justice for your physical and emotional injuries.




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  1. Zequek Estrada
    Zequek Estrada says:

    I had a friend who got the shorter end of the stick because of her statement she gave after the first time she got in a car accident. I don’t think it was too bad, but it was enough that now she told me that I should get legal assistance as soon as possible if I ever get into an accident. It sounds like her advice could save anyone from making the third mistake.

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