The moments after a car accident are filled with confusion. During this time, you will likely find yourself feeling overwhelmed, scared and unable to get a clear thought through your head. Although it’s likely the last thing you are thinking about right after experiencing a car accident, you need to take care of a few things. Completing these crucial actions will ensure you get the compensation you deserve and are not held at fault for an accident you didn’t cause. The following are some do’s and don’t’s to accomplish right after having an accident:


Call For Medical Help:

If there is the slightest possibility that you or someone else involved in the accident could be hurt, you need to call for medical help immediately. After all, some injuries aren’t as obvious as others, so don’t take any chances. If you feel any pain at all, call for help.

Call the Police:

The very next call you should make after ensuring medical help is on the way is to call the police. You will need an accident report for your incident, which of course is something the police will take care of after arriving on the scene. You will also need the police to orchestrate getting the vehicles off the roadway. Before moving the cars, though, make sure to do the next item on the list, unless of course you have to move the cars in order to prevent additional accidents.

Take Lots of Photos:

Take out your cell phone and take as many photos as possible. Not only of your car, but of all the cars involved in the accident. Also, make sure you take photos of any damage to the road or to guardrails or signs as well. You need photographic evidence of your innocence in case other people involved in the accident decide they want to push the blame on you.

Get Contact Information From Witnesses and Other People Involved in an Accident:

You may need a witness or more than one to prove that the accident occurred as it did. Obtaining contact information from witnesses may help you win your case.


Don’t Get Rid of Evidence:

Don’t throw away damaged parts of the motorcycle or other involved vehicle. In some cases,  these pieces show a part is defective or assist in proving how the accident occurred.

Don’t Record a Statement With an Insurer:

If you make a recorded statement to an insurance company after the accident, you will be held to it. After an accident, your thoughts can be jumbled and you make a statement that that isn’t accurate. There is no sense in risking your right to be compensated by making a statement you aren’t obligated to make anyway.

Don’t Wait to Get Legal Advice:

Don’t wait to get legal advice until an issue with your claim arises. By then, it may be more difficult to clear up how the accident happened, what your accident related injuries and expenses are, or other issue related to the accident. Contact a lawyer as soon as reasonably possible after a motorcycle accident.

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