Myriam L

I was driving on Sahara when another person ran the red light hitting my vehicle.

I was severely injured as a result of the accident. My friend’s family had been previously represented by Eric Woods and they asked me to call him. I was glad I did, they helped me get payment for the damages that were done to my car and helped me get the medical treatment that I needed. I was very happy with how fast they were able to get me compensation.

I was very happy with the compensation I got and very happy with the services that were provided by Eric Woods and his staff.

Jeffrey R

I was in a really bad car accident. After I was released from the hospital I hired Eric Woods. He had helped me on a prior case and I decided to call him. I was pleased the first time i went to him and I knew he would do a great job the second time around.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the case and my settlement. Eric and his staff were very courteous and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone.

Jennifer GR

I was about 7 months pregnant when I was rear-ended. I was taken to the hospital and my baby was OK, but I had neck and back pain.

My brother suggested I go to the Law Offices of Eric Woods. I was referred for medical care and was very satisfied with the medical care I received.

Eric and his staff were kind and understanding with me and explained the case process. I was well informed regarding how my case was moving along. I was very satisfied and happy with how fast my case settled. Happy with the amount of my settlement.


I had an accident in which I was a passenger with my dad; we were going to work when a distracted driver hit us on the rear of our vehicle. We immediately called the police.

My mom had recommended Eric Woods; she had an accident a few years ago and commented about the great services she received from attorney Eric Woods.

My dad and I decided to take my mom’s advice and called. I’m glad we did contact Eric Woods, we spoke with him the first day we came to his office. My case resolved faster than I thought it would. I am very happy with the service I received from the attorney and with the compensation.

A. G. U.

I was walking northbound on the sidewalk on McLeod near Flamingo. A vehicle came out of a bank and struck me, knocking me down. Former clients of Eric Woods referred me to him. Eric and his staff helped me get all of the medical attention that I needed. Eric took my case to court and obtained a substantial settlement for me. Very happy with the medical attention I received, with the service in the law office, and with my net settlement.