Jump Start Your Injury Claim

  • DO NOT provide a recorded statement to ANY insurance company until after you consult with an attorney. If you do, it may be used against you.
  • Medical Attention and follow up needs to be prompt, appropriate to the injuries. Often best to start in with new providers.
  • Seek legal counsel as soon as you can. A claim involves many more factors than are immediately apparent, even if you or your loved one was clearly not at fault. When you dial our office at 702-737-0000 you start the process of protecting your rights and protecting the value of your claim.
  • Witnesses, Evidence, Investigation. There may be a need to contact witnesses, preserve evidence or hire an investigator. Eric Woods can determine and accomplish what needs to be done.
  • Claims Process. Eric will guide you through the entire claims process, helping you obtain medical care, and the compensation and benefits you are entitled to.
  • Start Protecting Your Rights and the Value of Your Claim – Dial 702-737-0000 and Get Started Now

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Jump Start Your Injury Claim
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