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Automobile Accidents

Auto accidents are the leading cause of permanent disability and wrongful death in Nevada. Every six seconds someone is hurt in an auto crash, SUV rollover, or passenger van wreck. For over thirty years, Eric H. Woods has been helping clients with head and neck trauma, broken limbs, back injuries, and other disabling injuries recover full compensation for their injuries. Read More

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents cause some of the most debilitating injuries of all the vehicle crashes on Nevada’s highways and roads. Serious burns, paraplegia, quadriplegia, long-lasting head and neck trauma as well as a long list of broken bones and soft tissue injuries often result from collisions between heavy trucks and smaller autos. Read More

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes result in 30 times more deaths than auto collisions according the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency (NHTSA). While deaths from auto accidents continue to decline because of increased vehicle safety mandates, deaths from motorcycle accidents continue to rise. Read More

Taxi Cab Accidents

When passengers get into a taxi they usually anticipate a trouble-free drive to their destination because they are in the hands of a professional. They don’t expect to experience a crushed bone, a head or neck injury, or a broken arm or leg. Yet every day in the Las Vegas valley, particularly along the Vegas strip, taxi-cab passengers are injured as the result of negligent driving. Read More

Pedestrian Accidents

Driver inattention is the leading cause of autos colliding with pedestrians. A significant number of these accidents result in serious injuries and deaths. The vast majority of pedestrian accidents occur at intersections when drivers fail to acknowledge the right of way of pedestrians to cross. Read More

Wrongful Death

When a loved one dies unexpectedly it can be a traumatic experience for family members, but when the death results from someone else’s wrongful action or negligent behavior the pain of loss can be unbearable. Read More

Dog Attacks

Dog bites can be disfiguring, cause severe emotional and physical trauma, and in some cases result in death. The sad reality is that most dog attacks are preventable and result from lax training and inadequate supervision by their owners. Read More

Workers Compensation/Workplace Injuries

In Nevada when employees are injured in the course of their work, they are eligible to file a claim under their employer’s worker’s compensation insurance policy. A worker seriously injured on the job faces not only the long process of healing but also has to deal with the loss of income, medical bills, and other financial burdens. Read More

Bicycle Accidents

Attorney Eric A. Woods is an expert in successfully handling bicycle accident cases. If you’ve been injured by a negligent driver, as the result of a road condition, or another party while riding your bike you may be able to recover compensation under Nevada law. Read More

Highway Accidents

One of the most dangerous highways in the nation is the stretch of Interstate 15 crossing Nevada’s desert leading into Las Vegas. The 125 mile band of road gently rises to 4,000 feet into the hills southwest of Vegas, and with the monotonous desert scenery and miles of straight-aways it lulls drivers into a false sense of security. Read More