4 Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Pedestrian accidents have become an epidemic in the United States. Fatality rates are rising every year, and experts recently ranked Las Vegas as the 13th most dangerous city for pedestrians in the nation, according to Smart Growth America.

Front view of a speeding ambulance - emergency vehicle

Walkers have the right of way at all crosswalks in Nevada, but accidents happen so quickly and for so many reasons that pedestrians must always be aware of the actions of drivers—even when they are at a crosswalk. Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable and unprotected when compared to drivers, and injuries are often severe.

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Here are four pedestrian safety tips:

  1. Cross Safely

Pedestrians should only cross the road at intersections and marked crosswalks, but it is imperative that they look left, right and left again before leaving the safety of the sidewalk. As a pedestrian, you may have the right of way, but you should never assume this protects you from oncoming traffic or distracted drivers.

  1. Make Eye Contact

Drivers face countless distractions, including cellphones, fighting children in the backseat and other vehicles on the road. As a pedestrian, you can make eye contact with oncoming drivers to ensure they are paying attention before you cross the road.

  1. Be Visible

Most pedestrian accidents happen between dusk and dawn when it is fairly dark. Visibility is at its lowest during nighttime, and pedestrians should wear colors that will help them stand out under headlights, street lights and moonlight. Bright clothing and accessories will help drivers see you better.

  1. Avoid Danger

Pedestrians should avoid high-risk intersections at every opportunity. Busy intersections can be especially dangerous as they are often full of cyclists, motorists and truckers. Most motorists are aware of other vehicles, but many fail to notice cyclists and pedestrians.

To avoid a personal injury lawsuit involving a pedestrian, drivers must remain cautious on the road. The walker has the right of way, and you should yield at all times. This is the law in Nevada, and if you hit a pedestrian, you may face serious consequences.

The Nevada Department of Transportation advises drivers to be alert for pedestrians and implement a number of safety tips. First, drivers should adhere to speed limits at all times and slow down in bad conditions. Second, they should remain alert for waiting or crossing pedestrians at all times and yield to them, especially at crosswalks and in intersections.

Third, drivers should always be ready to slow down at the sudden appearance of a pedestrian, and they should pay close attention in any areas that may be hard to see, such as side streets or driveways. Traffic rules take everyone’s safety into account, and all road users must adhere to the laws or they will be liable if involved in an accident.

If you have sustained injuries from a negligent driver, contact a personal-injury attorney in Las Vegas as soon as possible. Call Eric H. Woods Law Offices at 702-737-0000.