Las Vegas Paralysis Lawyer

Paralysis is among the most physically and emotional devastating of all the injuries that we see at the law offices of Eric Woods. Losing the ability to feel or move your body changes nearly everything in your life, often stripping you of mobility, independence, bladder and bowel function, the ability to work, and the ability to do the things that you once enjoyed. You can still have a life, but it is a very different life from the one you had before the injury.

Causes and Types of Paralysis

The main cause of paralysis is an injury to the spinal cord. This occurs most commonly in car accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, serious falls, diving accidents, and acts of violence. Many of these injuries would never happen if it weren’t for the negligence of a careless, drunk or distracted driver; failure of a premises owner to keep the property in a safe condition; or illegal assault.


Occurs when a spinal cord injury damages the lower spine and paralyzes the body from the waist down; paraplegics can still use their arms but can’t move either of their legs


Also called tetriplegia, is when the injury is in the upper part of the spine and results in paralysis of both arms and both legs. About one third of all quadriplegics are dependent on a ventilator to help them breathe because they lack function in the chest and abdominal muscles.


Paralysis on one side of the body only.

Spinal cord injuries may be either complete or incomplete. A complete spinal cord injury causes the loss of all feeling, movement, and function in both sides of the body below the point of injury; an incomplete injury leaves some small amount of movement or feeling.

Experienced Legal Representation for Paralyzing Spinal Cord Injuries

Eric Woods has been an accident attorney for more than thirty years. He has helped many clients who have become paralyzed because of another person’s negligence to get medical and rehabilitative care, assistance in performing everyday functions, medical devices and supplies, and needed alterations to home and vehicle, along with compensation for lost earnings and earning capability, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

Eric understands that the damages from a paralyzing spinal cord injury will affect you and your family in an untold number of ways for the remainder of your life. He’ll fight tirelessly to recover an amount of money that will allow you and your dependents to have the best possible quality of life given the catastrophic losses you’ve suffered. He’ll take your case on a contingency fee arrangement so you won’t pay him anything until you receive your recovery check; you won’t have the additional burden of having to pay a lawyer during the time it takes to resolve the case. He’ll determine all possible sources of insurance coverage and handle all negotiations with the insurance company. If they fail to offer a settlement sufficient to compensate you for all your present and future damages, he won’t hesitate to take your case to a jury.

Eric Woods is one of the most experienced personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas; he has a stellar record of producing results that allow his clients to pick up the pieces and continue living in the best way their condition allows.

If you or someone close to you is suffering from paralysis caused by another person in an accident or assault, call Eric today to schedule a free consultation. Don’t wait, because Nevada imposes strict time limits on filing a claim.